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A new blog post is posted here. If you're reading this that means you didn't know that I have a brand new blog! Come visit me there!

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This blog has moved to a new and better location at Please come and visit me at it's new home!

Nine Inspire

anowlsoul — is an artist and photographer who resides in Hawaii. Her work is stunning, feminine and just beautiful. Her whole gallery inspires me greatly, but I've chosen this particular image to feature because I am just captivated by all the beautiful notes. I kid you not, I almost went about the house to collect little papers to doodle notes on them just so I can touch this image. You can see her work also on her blog and her beautiful work space.


veronicaolson - Eye candy, I tell you, just plain eye candy! I just recently just found Veronica's feed and oh how happy I am that I did. Her images are stunning! Anyone who can take such a gorgeous image from just a date at the bakery has definitely gotten my attention. 


monchouchou - Riho was the sweetest of feeds on instagram. For some time now I've been developing a love for windowsills  hence why this image spoke to me. I am currently in the process of decorating my own windowsill and this image is inspiring the way I want my studio window to look and feel. 


pamgarrison - I've been enjoying Pam's beautiful work for a while as she is a very inspiring artist, but the image I picked to feature is pulling my heart springs for stitching and lace. I love what this image is saying to me. It's telling me I can, I should and to make life beautiful. When we create we fill ourselves with confidence that indeed to are meant to create, live and inspire. 


mamiaoyagi - The colors in this whole feed are delicious as are the images themselves. The bright colors on white will lift the dreary winter spirits and make spring feel closer than it really is. I just adore the above image as it reminds me to slow down and enjoy my mornings all the way because the day will come and it's much easier to hand when we have had the right start. 


leomaru1026 - My oh my, I love this feed for it's beautiful flower displays. The feed is completely in a different language, but when it comes to inspiring images we all speak the same language. To me, her style is fresh, beautiful and entirely her own. 


lya_rina - Some of you might now know, but I am Russian and can speak in the language and read just enough to get an idea of what's written. When I came across Iyarina's feed it very much reminded me of all the things I love about Europe. The image above very much reminded me of how my life is currently, I dream of the spring flowers I'll be seeing out the window, but it's clouded by all the raindrops that keep coming down. The image is so beautiful and easily one of my most favorite.


galbrecht - Ginger is my type of gal! She is in search of inspiration on a daily basis and I'm sure she sees it in everything. I'm turning into a bigger foodie than I expected and her blog is just the place to be for delicious meal and ideas. I love the motto on her blog, "... we believe ing good food, made from fresh and nutritious ingredients..." I don't even know her, but I like her and love how she inspires!


isabelalcala - Isabel is a blogger and photographer, I believe. She has a beautiful blog and I'm thankful for google translator because my spanish isn't too well. Her gallery is beautifully diverse and well captured.



So these were the beautiful instagramers that caught my eye this week. I hope you enjoyed the new layout and links! Check out their beautiful feeds and be inspired my friend!


It's About Originality


Inspiration is very delicate, it can come from anywhere including anyone. So much of people's work, including my own, is inspired by something and in general that is a very good thing unless it is unoriginal. I used the above photo's to show you as an example. A few months ago I came across this gorgeous digital notebook about roses and just fell in love with the idea. This image is very inspiring to me with its color, texture, images & design. Taking this concept as inspiration I designed my own version. As you can see, the bones of the idea I loved are there, but everything else has been personalized for my taste. 


A few years back, when I started my new venture as an inspirational photographer, I really started to understand that there is nothing new under the sun, but a few rare exceptions. If you look through a few magazines you will notice that there is really nothing 'new' out there, they just re-use the same idea's, but spin them in different ways. They make sure that they are original, that they change things up and create something 'new' out of the old. 


I personally think its great to be inspired by others, but with a few rules added to it. First off, like I stated before, make the idea your own, change it up, create something different with it. And Second, if you have a source please give that person or image that inspired you credit. I wish I knew where I got the image above from to give them credit, but unfortunately I can't.


So be inspired, be original and be YOU!

Bringing Nature Home








A few weeks ago a fellow Gatherings Contributor Ingrid Henningsson from Of Spring And Summer did a review of the book Bringing Nature Home and ever since then I had to have that book! To my utter delight, it arrived in the mail yesterday. My dream book was no long on my Wish List, but is now in my hands. Have you ever ordered a book and was a little disappointed when looking it through? I was thrilled to find out that this book not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Why do I praise this book so much? Well, flowers are my main source of inspiration. I am in awe of how beautifully my God had crafted them. They bring so much life and color to my home and work. This book will be my main source of inspiration until it is replaces, which will be difficult. Oh and after a few flips through it's gorgeous pages I brought my own nature home of a gorgeous holly bouquet that sits in my studio's windowsill. 

Inspired Blogger : PaperFashion






Every one of us wishes that we can do things that we honestly can't. For me it's drawing, painting and watercoloring. I try my best to do what I can, but I know my work will never be like the work of PaperFashion's beautiful fashion illustrations. Her work is so magical to me! When I go through her Instagram feed or her blog I have an intense itch to get out my sketch book and watercolors. Her work tends to inspire me to keep trying despite my failing results as we all know, no one will get anywhere without hard work and practice. When looking through her beautiful work it reminds me of all things graceful, feminine, soft and gentle, everything I want to be as a woman. 


PS. The sketch in my pictures is not mine, but PaperFashions.

The Quilted Valkyrie : Ruffles & Rust Line




If your like me, your camera accessories have to match your personality than The Quilted Valkyrie just might be the thing you've been looking for. A few months back Keri Foreman created a beautiful line of camera straps, lens pouches and iPad/Tablet cases called Ruffles & Rust and her inspiration happened to be me. As you know I'm a very rosy/floral kind of girl that enjoys her pastels and rustic details. Keri transformed all that I love into the perfect set of things a girl like me needed day to day. When I'm out working with my clients, shooting a magazine or capturing life I love getting all the compliments on my Ruffles & Rust line because it's a beautiful and well made. 


Her next venture, which I'm excited about, is to make small messenger bags that can hold DSLR camera bodies. On top of that she also enjoys making beautiful quilts. Keep an eye out this weekend as she will be debuting 3 new fabrics for Ruffles & Rust. 


Check out her here: Facebook  The Shop  The Blog

A Space Of My Own





Over the weekend while photographing my article I had to clear out a space in our basement/rec. room. The room is the length of our house and is narrow, oddly shaped really. While clearing out the space I was struck with a thought , 'What a perfect space this would be for my studio/office'. In my mind I had immediately walled off the huge room with some long panned curtains purchased from Ikea a few months back leaving me with the cutest place to photograph and blog to my hearts content. After seeing my vision I had no choice, but to make it happen and fast while it was still fresh in my mind. The next day after a photo shoot I finished clearing the space and Sunday we were off to Ikea for a new desk, additional curtains and some shelves. Today I sit in my almost complete studio space. It's gorgeous and I love it. I'll be doing a more detailed post once it is fully finished. This blog will be turning one on the 8th of this month, so this is like a present to myself as I have big plans for its future and my career. 

MIA During Deadlines






Wow, I've been MIA for too many days! Its deadline time for Gatherings Magazine contributors and I've been wonderfully consumed with all things pretty for the past few days. There has been a lot of planning, buying, running around, thinking, writing, executing and reworking, oh plus the pretty stuff like styling and photographing. It's a process I thrive in! Here are a few shots that aren't making the cut as they are the shots I'm reworking over and over again until I am pleased with the outcome. I'll be back on schedule starting Monday.

Nine Inspire

azzarijarrett - Azzari is a beautiful photographer from Georgia. You can find her lovely work on her blog The Sweet Light or website. I'm very big on mornings and starting them off right. Azzari's image makes me want to skip all else and just relish the beautiful gifts morning brings which include your choice of beverage, flowers and for me a book. You will find so much inspiration and beauty in all her gorgeous photographs!


cocorose1 - Many people have been inspired by cocorose1 including myself. I couldn't overlook this gorgeous image that has all the things I am drooling over currently. It's all the beautiful and lovely things crammed into one glorious photo! Her feed is very bright and cheery, just the place to be if you are ever needing a pick-me-up.


alfalky - Alex is a very talented artist in Australia. Truthfully, I'm not very inspired by sculpture or art outside of beautiful paintings, but Alex's work captivates me and ignites my creativity on so many levels. Her work speaks to me and sends me on a mission to create more beauty. Her art is so colorful and it's her, just like the image above. You can see more of her work here.


arinabphotog - Arina is a portrait photographer living in South California. Her work is amazing! Her instagram feed is a peek into her work and creative world. I simply adore the image she posted last week on her blog! The vase, colors and down to the light, I am inspired and captivated by its beauty. I've always considered a true artist and photographer is someone who can work with whatever they are given, Arina is one of those people. 


bt_designs - Her photos are inspiring in their simplicity. It's not about the styled image, but about the basics and lighting. This photo inspires me not because hazelnuts happen to be my favorite, but the beautiful lighting and simplicity in props. It's beautiful in every way as is her feed. You can see more of her images here.


housewrenstudio - Charlotte designs, makes and stitches. I have fallen in love with her work! Every new image she posts up on her feed you will see me drooling. This above photo was quite inspiring to me as this week I have picked up stitching for the first time just because of it. I seriously wish I can touch her stitches, hold her work in my hands and just sit by her side to learn from such a talent. I can look through her work all day and if you'd like to also visit her blog.


blueyondergirl - I love meeting new inspiring IGers so when I found Stefani's feed I was one happy camper. After many Nine Inspire posts I'm sure you picked up the pattern of me being inspired by illustrations, table tops, flowers, coffee, pastels, still life and art. So here is another artist for you to enjoy as much as I have! Stefanie's illustrations are detailed and inspire me to get those watercolors out! Not only that she eats and drinks from the prettiest cups and plates. Some of my favorite work from her is up on her website


sweethue - I've been wanting to feature Sweethue for sometime, but it was never the right timing. Upon making IG friends with her my impression was just that, sweet just like her images. She let's me peek into her beautiful world of simple pleasures. She's got me ohing and ahing over so many of her images, but the one things that inspires me the most is her intro quote on her profile, "We tend to draw inspiration from something or someone we like and yet we each have our own unique style." That is what I have always truly believed to be true also.


amandarydell - Amanda is a crafter and designer at My Little Dear. Everything about this woman is inspiring including her Instagram feed. In the above photo Amanda used a box from her favorite cake to wrap a pretty little gift in. She is one who thinks outside the box! Her feed is filled with pretty little craft she did and lovely purchase. 


So these were the beautiful instagramers that caught my eye this week. I hope you enjoyed the new layout and links! Check out their beautiful feeds and be inspired my friend!


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